Fresh Line of Business


For our Dynamics AX / Dyn365FO customers
we can supply software in three forms:

  • Customer-specific customization. This can be an addition to the standard, but also to an existing add-on.
  • Add-ons that are 'app source ready'. The functionalities are present, but the product has not yet passed the Microsoft validation.
  • Validated AppSource add-ons.

Everything that can be purchased via the AppSource is first validated by Microsoft. In this validation, Microsoft only looks at the added value
for users, and they only do it to a limited extent. It must already have been proven by satisfied customers who are already working with the
application. The technical validation of the candidate app is therefore the most important factor in this process. This concerns programming
according to Microsoft standards, and writing technically well-functioning software. At least as important are the integration aspects and if
'One Version' can go with the upgrades of the standard product that Microsoft regularly releases. /get-started/release-schedule

With the Fresh Line of Business, Fresh Dynamics is going along with this development.

Fresh E-commerce

In collaboration with our E-commerce partner, we implement E-commerce solutions for our customers. Fresh Dynamics contributes ERP knowledge and supplies the connector software.

Fresh Connect

Together with Alumio, we synchronize and connect data from the different systems that you use. This reduces the manual actions of the employees and
the associated data entry errors. In this collaboration Fresh Dynamics provides the Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dyn365FO knowledge and the ERP connection software.

Fresh Purchase-to-pay 

Purchase-to-pay (often abbreviated to P2P) refers to the entire process from order request, purchase to (automatic) payment of the invoice. A synonym for this concept is also called “procure to pay” or “procurement”. Purchase-to-pay automates and standardizes processes. The purchase-to-pay process includes the initial step from internal order request to the final step of paying the invoice. And also all intermediate steps such as order confirmations, purchase order matching, checking purchases, etc. This process also includes all confirmations and approvals with the accompanying documents. Together with our P2P partners, we like to automate this at our customers, whereby Fresh Dynamics contributes the ERP knowledge and supplies the connector software.

Fresh Integrations

Within the business column in which you are active, you have to deal with suppliers and customers, deliveries and receipts. The various parts and departments within your company also work in this way, the customers and suppliers are then internal. Logistically, people speak on the purchasing side of a supply chain, but you can of course extend this further to the end customer. If you have all this in mind, you can usually quickly see where it is useful to invest in further integrations and digitization of processes. If you tell us what the links in your chain look like, our consultants can shed their (digital) light on it. And then take further steps together with you on the path of your digital transformation.